Casa Batlló +++ Neufville Digital presents the Collection 'GRAPHIE LATINE'
at ExpoCodig,
Friday, May 28, 1999,
from 10 am - 08.30 pm +++

Casa Batlló, Barcelona

Neufville Digital, a new digital type foundry, is born today.
Neufville Digital produces and markets the fonts from Fundición Tipográfica Neufville, Bauersche Giesserei, Ludwig & Mayer, Fonderie Typographique Française and Fundición Tipográfica Nacional. You will certainly be familiar with famous typefaces like Futura, Bauer Bodoni, Weiss, Folio, Imprimatur and many others from the rich type founding era. Neufville Digital digitizes them from their original artwork using state of the art technology and makes them available in compliance with the latest standards.

Next to many typefaces from the Neufville archives that haven't been digitized before, Neufville Digital will release completely new designs.

At ExpoCodig the first releases of the GRAPHIE LATINE collection will be shown.
Enric Crous Vidal (* Lérida, 1908 † Noyons FR, 1987) was the founder of the movement that is known as GRAPHIE LATINE. His works include the typefaces 'Ilerda' (1945), 'Flash' (1953), París (1953) and a range of beautiful decorative elements 'Fuga de Arasbescos' (1954).

Within the GRAPHIE LATINE collection Neufville Digital releases the works of famous typographers like José Mendoza y Almeida, René Ponot, Tomás Vellvé, Antonio Morillas, Ricard Giralt Miracle, Juan Trochut and others.

The BAUER CLASSICS collection includes the many typefaces from the Bauersche Giesserei. The first fontfamily available is FUTURA that has been completely digitized anew to meet today's professional demands. Many other fonts are to follow.

For information and other requirements, please feel free to send an email message to Neufville Digital.

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