Ricardo Rousselot

*1936, Argentina

Fonts released by Neufville Digital:
Carlomagno ND,
Uncial Romana ND

Rousselot began as a freelance designer at a very young age, soon devoting himself to the alphabet.
He worked in Chicago with pupils of Goudy and Cooper: William Ficho, Carl Corley and Ferrell Daniels.
He writes about his experience: I've done everything, but nothing has ever kept me away from my first love: the alphabet. I've tried to improve it each day, inspired by the letters on Trajan's column: 'never to be forgotten, without equal.....'
Calligraphy must be expressive and clear, emanating warmth and 'joie de vivre'. 'Anything worthy of being written, is worth being written well !'

In his studio in Barcelona, with his wife Edy and children Sergio, Cynthia and Carlos, work focuses mainly on typographic and packaging design.
At the moment Rousselot is working on a Roman stone-cutting project 'Lapidaria Romana Incisa'. Consequently he says: 'I am forever referring to Trajan's column.'

Carlomagno (1997) and Uncial Romana (1996).
For a very long time Rousselot felt the need to turn a hand made calligraphy into type, and yet make it still look hand written...
There are many Carolingian and Uncial typefaces in the catalogues of the foundries all over the world, but, the majority of them look rude and rigid. With his Carolingian and Uncial, Rousselot wanted to convey freshness and authenticity on written texts.
Although these faces remained with us for centuries since their creation, through Rousselot's contribution, they look very crisp and readable today, without loosing any of the characteristics of the old days.