Hans Helmut Matheis

Fonts released by Neufville Digital:

Judo ND

Hans Helmut Matheis was born in Speyer, Germany, in 1917.
He studied with professor E. von Dombrowski from 1942 till 1945 and with professor F.H. Ehmke till 1947. In 1950 he established himself as an independent typographic designer.

Hans Helmut Matheis was one of the leading designers of the Ludwig & Mayer typefoundry in Frankfurt, together with Karlgeorg Hoefer and Heinrich Jost and Jakob Erbar before him.
His most wellknown type design is "Slogan" and the somewhat thinner "Charme".
Also "Matheis Mobil" ranks among the winners.

Even at high age, Matheis is still active as a type designer and teacher of calligraphy.
In 2010, at he age of 93, he designed "Judo", a calligraphic typeface, faithful to the Matheis style.
Judo ND is released as a digital font by Neufville Digital in 2012.

The Ludwig & Mayer foundry was taken over by FT Bauer (the former Bauersche Giesserei) in 1984.
As a result, the original Ludwig & Mayer typefaces are being released as digital fonts by their foundry Neufville Digital.
Judo ND was digitized by Neufville's design staff in close collaboration with Mr. Matheis.
The font has been released as a tribute to his long lasting career and his loyalty to beautiful type.